Zirconia Dental Porcelains

Those who are not satisfied with the looks and smiles of their teeth can have the natural teeth and laughter they want with CAD-CAM systems and zirconium dental porcelain. Zirconium material, which has been used with success in other branches of medicine, has been put into the service of dentistry since the 2000s.

Advantages of Breakthrough Zirconium Teeth in Aesthetic Dentistry:

It is one of the most used medical materials in dentistry.

Thanks to its light permeability feature, the texture of natural teeth is fully captured. Although the metal of a healthy tooth is completely light-permeable, the metals used under the porcelain teeth can create an opaque appearance on the porcelain teeth. Especially in sunny environments and flash photography, the problem of lifeless images has been resolved in zirconium teeth.

Gingival compatibility is much better than classic metal-based porcelain. Gingival bruises, which are not seen in gingival cleaning or gingival recession, do not appear on zirconium dental porcelain.

It is non-allergenic, tissue-friendly material.

Since their heat insulating properties are very good, they prevent cold-hot sensitivity on the outside.

Zirconium dental porcelain has 900 megapascal resistance. Thanks to these properties, they are also very useful in posterior adjacent teeth. With such a strong structure, it is elegant and aesthetic enough to let the light through. Grinders on both front teeth and back teeth are a high-tech material.

It does not cause metal alloys due to the content of zirconium dental porcelain.

Since zirconium teeth do not contain metal, they do not create any taste and do not cause odor.

Smooth and slippery tooth does not carry plaque due to the porcelain surface. It is not affected by tooth colorants such as tea and coffee. The color of zirconium dental porcelain remains stable.

Like normal teeth, zirconium teeth are brushed. If the dentist comes to the death checks regularly, problems are detected in zirconium dental porcelains and necessary precautions are taken.

An exact time cannot be given, but zirconium dental porcelains can be used for many years if regular dentist checks are made.

How Zirconium Teeth are expanding:

The preparation process of zirconium teeth in the mouth is the same as classical porcelain tooth preparation and measuring. Different laboratory requirements begin. Zirconium dental porcelains can be made with computer-assisted devices with Cad Cam technologies. In this method, dental impressions taken from the patient’s mouth are scanned on optical readers in computer environment. It is cut and shaped by computer from zirconium sheets, thanks to the milling systems, without touching it. Upload notes obtained with the help of camera. Then systems (CAD) are passed to manufacturing production (CAM).

There is crystal or zirconium in the infrastructure of the dental porcelain used in this system, thus achieving excellent aesthetic quality and naturalness and shortening the production time.

Laminated Teeth – Leaf Porcelain:

A healthy and natural tooth image is obtained in a very short time with Lamina Teeth (leaf dental porcelains). Laminated teeth are aesthetic restorations made by gluing leaf-shaped dental porcelain to the anterior surfaces of the teeth, which do not require the teeth to be completely covered. Laminated teeth, dental porcelain, which parts can be applied to teeth:

If there are color changes between the teeth and shape

Those who have crooked teeth and do not want to undergo orthodontic braces treatment

Those who have large dental fillings or tooth fractures in the front teeth

Those who have gaping front teeth and are not satisfied with the appearance of their front teeth

It can be applied to patients who want a more aesthetic look with surgical gingival operation, in which the palate appears too much under their front teeth when they smile.

Today, aesthetic dentistry applications have become personalized applications. You will advise your dentist in the healthiest way to learn which ones are appropriate for you.

Lamina teeth can be used as processors for many years if good oral care is given. The lamina, which is resistant to staining and growth, stays away from bad habits such as biting very hard foods and biting nails. Lamina teeth (leaf dental porcelains) are not affected by tooth colorants such as tea, coffee.