When the nerves of the tooth are damaged for any reason, the only and definitive solution to keeping that tooth in the mouth is root canal therapy.

When untreated cavities reach the nerves or a hard blow to the tooth, an irreversible infection (inflammation) begins in the nerves of the tooth.

The aim of root canal treatment is to remove all the infected nerve tissues of the tooth to the root tip, fill it with a suitable filling material from the root tip, and maintain the physiological (non-disease) relationship with the jawbone of the tooth (with metabolism), that is to keep the tooth in the mouth in a healthy way.

As a result of the necessary examinations, when a healthy treatment is performed in accordance with the procedure in the teeth for which root canal treatment is deemed appropriate, this tooth maintains all its intraoral functions for many years.

Root canal treatment is a form of treatment that people fear because it is known as a very painful and difficult treatment among the public. The reality, however, is not like that at all. Due to the level of technology, we perform the root canal treatment completely in one session, mostly under local anesthesia. During the treatment, our patients do not complain of pain at all. Thanks to the developed root canal expansion systems, devices that determine the length of the root tip and digital radiography, performing a healthy root canal treatment is no longer a difficult, troublesome and painful procedure. After the treatment, all complaints decrease quickly and the root canal treated tooth can be used like any other healthy tooth.