A mouth with pleasing teeth and healthy gums adds positive impressions to a person’s life. It not only makes the person look young, but also gains self-confidence and respect. In short, a nice “smile” can change your life. Aesthetic dentistry is a mixture of science, technology and art. Its sole aim is to capture “personal and natural beauty”.

Before the treatment, our esthetic dentists have a short conversation with the patient on their expectations. Afterwards, examinations are made about how suitable the patient’s condition is for the targeted teeth and gums, and what kind of applications should be done during the treatment process. After all the data is obtained, it is photographed digitally in order to know how the teeth and gums will change after the patient’s treatment. The patient learns what kind of appearance she will have as a result of the aesthetic application to be made after this procedure, even before starting the procedures.

You can apply to our polyclinic and you can get magnificent teeth and gums. After these special applications, which should be done in terms of smile aesthetics, you will feel very relaxed psychologically and you will have healthier teeth and gums.